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Strategic and Annual Implementation Plan 2024 – 2025

Rāroa Normal Intermediate Strategic Direction

The Rāroa Strategic Plans and Annual Implementation Plan is clear and concise, and allows parents, whānau and the community to easily understand and engage with the school’s vision and values.

Consultation and the development of the strategic pou – Ako, Whakapuāwai and Whanaungatanga

The School Trustees (Board) worked together at the end of 2021 to develop the 2022-2024 Strategic Plan. Under the Education and Training Act 2020, the new planning and reporting framework came into effect on 1 January 2023. further consultation and community engagement was sought to extend to include 2025 to align with the parameter set out.

  • The National Education Learning Priorities (NELPs) as set by the current Government;
  • Rāroa ākonga / student view feedback;
  • Rāroa kaiako / teacher feedback;
  • The national refresh of the NZ Curriculum;
  • Membership of our local Kahui Ako / Community of Learning.

The Board also recognised the impact that the pandemic has on the community and has created an operating principle:

We are adaptable and flexible in our operations, allowing us to flourish and deliver in a rapidly changing world.

The feedback from all stakeholders clearly sets the direction for the school.

Framed by three strategic pou: Ako, Whakapuāwai and Whanaungatanga

Ako, Whakapuāwai and Whanaungatanga

Ako – People Learning

To deliver a child-centered, evidence-based curriculum that equips students with the skills and tools to be successful lifelong learners. – High Quality Teaching and Learning.

High quality teaching and learning. The very best teachers, delivering high quality educational programmes. Guided by our vision the curriculum at Rāroa is designed to educate the whole student and cater for the intellectual, social, physical and creative aspects of the emerging adolescent. As well as ensuring we are meeting our commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi

Whakapuāwai – People Thriving

To nurture and develop individual wellbeing and resilience in a community that embraces and celebrates diversity.

To blossom, develop, flourish, prosper, thrive – Wellbeing is a priority at Rāroa. Through an extensive professional development process, Rāroa has developed a wellbeing framework to guide and enable teachers and students to develop strategies to deal with the challenges of life, building confidence, resilience and enabling the Rāroa community to thrive.

Whanaungatanga- People Connecting

To develop and maintain effective partnerships, both within and beyond our school community, which are anchored in open communication and trust.

At Rāroa relationships are crucial for our well-being and happiness and are an extremely important part of who we are. Positive relationships help us feel connected to our community. For our students positive relationships provide a sense of belonging and can enhance self-esteem, confidence, and overall quality of life. Positive relationships also provide opportunities for personal growth and learning, as we share experiences, perspectives, and knowledge with others.

Link to the 2024 full Strategic Plans and Annual Implementation Plan

Strategic implementation Goals

Focus 1 – People Learning / Ako

  • Continue the development of the Future-focussed School Curriculum with developing current relevant assessment practices that support student learning and wellbeing.
  • Ensure every learner/ākonga gains sound foundation skills, including language, literacy and numeracy (NELP Objective 2).
  • Meaningfully incorporate te reo me ona tikanga Māori into the everyday life of the place of learning (NELP Objective 3).
  • Build a school environment which recognises Te Tiriti o Waitangi.
  • Maintain a high level of professional development.
  • Expertise, including strong neuroscientific research linking behavioural principles and wellbeing, is used to develop a “well-being and thriving” school.
  • Implementation and integration of the Professional Growth Cycle.
  • Have high aspirations for every learner/ākonga (NELP Objective 1).
  • Collaborate with industries and employers to ensure learners/ ākonga have the skills, knowledge and pathways to succeed in work (NELP Objective 4).
  • Specific focus within the Design Production Education, Technology area of the school.

Focus 2 – People Thriving / Whakapuāwai

  • To continue to build an inclusive and nurturing community with a focus on wellbeing.
  • Incorporate initiatives that foster resilience of teachers, students and wider community.
  • Ensure places of learning are safe, inclusive and free from racism, discrimination and bullying (NELP Objective 1).
  • Reduce barriers to education for all, including for Māori and Pacific learners/ Asian/ākonga, disabled learners/ākonga and those with learning support needs (NELP Objective 3).
  • Incorporate strategies which support students and families throughout the covid pandemic.
  • Provide opportunities for students to demonstrate achievement across a broad spectrum of experiences, including through the building of relationships, cultural experiences, the art as well as sport and academic achievements.
  • To develop and maintain effective partnerships, both within and beyond our school community, which are anchored in open communication and trust.

Focus 3 – People Connecting / Whanaungatanga

  • Partner with whānau and communities to design and deliver education that responds to the needs, and sustains identities, languages and cultures (NELP Objective 1).
  • Continued involvement in the Kahui Ako , Community of Learning (Te Kāhui Ako o Tarikākā), supporting Across School Leaders and Within School Leaders in the delivery of the four achievement challenges:
  • Strong, secure cultural identities and sense of belonging
  • Hauora and wellbeing
  • Confident, capable empowered learners
  • Equitable outcomes for all.
  • Develop effective communication with the community including sharing Information, reporting of progress & wellbeing, and celebrations.
  • Strengthen whānau, iwi and manawhenua connections.
  • Work with the Ministry of Education on the redevelopment of the school building in order to provide future focused educational facilities to support student learning, which adhere to high level learning space priorities.
  • Continue to strengthen our relationship with Victoria University and our commitment to ITE (Initial teacher education) as a Normal School.