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Whakareinga/Enrichments Opportunities

Connecting students across a variety of experiences (Whanaungatanga) during their pre-adolescent and adolescent years is essential for their overall development and growth. The Whakareinga programme provides exposure to things they otherwise wouldn’t experience in the standard curriculum. Students get the opportunity to apply the skills and mindsets they’ve developed in other parts of school to something novel. This is a chance to form new hobbies, interests and passions!

Whakareinga / Enrichment Classes 2024

Students will be choosing their whakareinga from Tuesday 14 June to Tuesday 21 June 2024. They will be emailed the form on Tuesday 14 June and it will be in the school notices.

Descriptions of the Whakareinga for 2024 are listed below.

Here is the form students will use to fill in their choices from Tuesday 14 June:

Whakareinga / Enrichments 2024


Where 8-counts are life and the energy is high! Dust off your sneakers and get ready for another year of fun, fitness, and new friends. We will focus on strength and learning aerobics movements as you build into choreographing your own routines in teams. For those  interested, there are competitions that you can enter but this is not compulsory. If you did aerobics last year you are welcome to rejoin us in 2024, and for new students some previous dance experience will be essential. (Miss Smalley & Mrs Temple)

And Scene!

Are you interested in acting or performing? Like the challenge of transforming into different characters? Whether you’re all about learning a script to perform in a short play, or making up comedy on the spot like Rāroa’s very own Instalaughs, this is where you’ll gain the skills you need to get the audience in the palm of your hand! Students will work towards making a video of their performance, and the best acts will be cast in the performing arts showcase. (Mrs LP & Mr Gillies)

Animal Art

Do you like animals? Do you like art? In this Whakareinga we are going to use animals as the inspiration to create some different artworks. We will also use a variety of media and materials. The library is going to be our gallery. The art we create will be different from last year. (Whaea Bridget)

Architectural Design

Have you got a flair for architectural design? Would you like to design and construct a model of your dream house? In this enrichment, you will learn about architectural design, computer-aided design, and how to construct your models using the laser cutter and 3D printers to make high-quality products. Be prepared to be focused and work hard. We are aiming high for this one!!! (Mr. Bailey)

Atlas Adventures: Our Global Landscapes

Come on a journey of discovery that spans the globe. Take a deep dive into different countries around the world and figure out what makes them tick. Look into conflict among different people/regions/countries and how it affects humanity (we will even play some board games!). Have a go at redesigning flags for various countries that represent them in a different way. If you love to research and broaden your knowledge, then the world is your oyster! (Mr Wright)

Cooking for Beginners

Cooking for beginners is for students who have no or little experience of working in a kitchen to produce dishes that are fit to eat.  This is a progressional programme that starts off simply and increases with difficulty each week. (Mrs Dowman)


Are you a keen dancer? In this Whakareinga you will be collaborating with others to design a dance performance to share with audiences! We would love to support you in choreographing your pieces, refining them and getting them stage ready. We welcome everyone – from experienced dancers to those who wish to give something new a go! Come in open minded, ready to try new movements and think outside the box. (Matua Tadhg & Mrs HP)

Drawing for Beginners

Have you ever wanted to learn how to draw but didn’t know where to start? Mr. Cope can relate to that feeling. For years, I yearned to draw, but I felt lost without a starting point. I simply couldn’t figure it out. If you’re in the same boat, come to this Whakareinga. Here, you can learn the basics and build your confidence in mastering fundamental drawing skills. Please note, this session is specifically designed for beginners. (Mr Cope)

Dungeons and Dragons – Adventurer’s Guild

Greetings adventurers! The time has come for the stalwart heroes of Rāroa to band together and face the many challenges that lie ahead. Create your character, and with sword or sorcery, strength or cunning, intelligence or charisma you shall set forth into the fantasy world of Dungeons and Dragons. This Whakareinga is available for absolute beginners or experienced players alike, and is for those who wish to focus on D&D as players. Another option will be available for those seeking to make the next step as Game Masters (Crafter’s Guild). (Mr Boucher & CJ)

Dungeons and Dragons – Crafter’s Guild

Greetings Game Masters! As others gather to learn how to play D&D, build their characters and get ready for adventure, we need creative people ready to step up and create entire worlds of NPCs, Questlines, and engaging hooks for adventure. This Whakareinga is available for absolute beginners or experienced players alike, and is for those who wish to focus on D&D as Game Masters (running a fantasy world that you build collaboratively with your players). Another option will be available for those seeking to make a start as Player Characters (Adventurer’s Guild). (CJ & Mr Boucher)

Exploring the Middle East

ٱلسَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ As-salamu alaykum

Do you want to learn more about the Middle East from its language, art and cuisine? Then this is the Whakareinga for you!

By the end of this you’ll be able to speak some Arabic and will have learnt how to cook a bunch of different dishes! There will be a $10 fee to help cover the costs of ingredients. Let’s go on a journey together and expand our knowledge about the region! (Miss R)

Film Studies

Step into the captivating world of cinema with our Film Studies Whakareinga! Designed to ignite young minds, this program explores the artistry, storytelling, and cultural impact of film. Through interactive discussions, literacy based response tasks, and screenings of diverse films from around the globe, you will deepen your understanding of cinematic techniques, genres, and narratives. Whether you aspire to be a future filmmaker or simply love the magic of the silver screen, this group offers a fun and enriching journey through the world of cinema. Join us and unlock the secrets behind your favorite movies! (Miss McKenzie & Mrs Robinson)

French for Beginners

Bonjour mes amis! Do you want to know more than just ‘hello’ in French? Do you hope to travel the world one day or simply want a head start in a language offered at college? If your answer is “oui!” then this is the Whakareinga for you. Come learn French through a range of fun games and activities. You won’t believe how much French you’ll be able to read, write and speak by the end of 15 weeks. C’est uncroyable! À bientôt.  (Miss Edge)

Glee Club!

Calling all aspiring stars-in-the-making! Are you ready to hit the stage and unleash your inner songbird? This is your chance to join Glee Club. In Glee Club we will sing pop, Broadway, Disney songs, 80’s jams, and anything else you can think of. We will be belting out ballads, learning to harmonise and creating choreography to create a diverse repertoire  of music. But it’s not just about hitting the high notes—it’s about finding your voice and gaining the confidence to share at the Performing Arts Showcase! So, grab your mic, tune up those vocal cords, and get ready to shine like the true star you are. The spotlight awaits—let’s make some unforgettable music memories together! (Miss Dobbie)

Kiwi Signs: Learn New Zealand Sign Language!

Unlock the vibrant world of communication with New Zealand Sign Language! Join our class and immerse yourself in a rich culture while mastering a valuable skill. Whether you’re intrigued by silent conversations or eager to connect with the Deaf community, our NZSL class offers an enriching journey of learning and discovery. Embrace the opportunity to broaden your horizons, foster inclusivity, and make meaningful connections. Start your NZSL adventure today! (Miss Myer)

Let’s Get Crafty

Unleash your creativity with our exciting series of crafting sessions! Join us as we embark on a journey of discovery through crochet and the art of upcycling clothing. In these interactive workshops, you will learn essential techniques while exploring your imagination to transform old garments into new creations. Explore the art of crocheting, cross-stitching, and macrame. Let’s stitch and upcycle our way to a world of endless possibilities! (Mrs Collins and Victoria)

Let’s Yarn Bomb the World

Learn to knit and a whole new world of relaxation and meditation can open up to you. Not to mention being able to create gifts and garments for yourself and friends and family. In this Whakareinga you will master the art of knitting and create a yarn bombing installation at Rāroa. Leave your mark on your school in the most beautiful way! (Ms Forrest & Mrs Dobie)

Music Production for Noobs

Do you want to learn how to produce your favorite artist’s upcoming 2025 album? We probably won’t do that, but we want to teach you some of the basics to recording your own loops, tracks and sounds. The tracks you create will be used for transitions in our performing arts showcase in term 3.

We will explore 8-bit game soundtracks before moving into more complicated tools such as Beep Box & Garageband. We are going to learn about sampling and creating using the sounds around us. (Mr Boekhorst & Mr Anderson)

Netball Umpiring

If you watch Pulse games and wonder how umpires control such tight matches, this could be your starting place. Join us to learn the basic techniques and rules of umpiring. This could be the start of a real passion for you. You will need a whistle but Ms. H will talk to you about this so don’t buy one before we start. (Kelly Herbert)

Psychology for Superhumans

What makes humans ‘tick’? What are emotions and how do we recognise them? Why wear your shirt ‘frontwards’ when you could wear it backwards? Why do illusions work and how do we make them?
Come on a journey to learn about the wonderful science of the human brain! Make your own illusions, meditate, make art with your ‘wrong’ hand, conduct your own scientific psychological experiment and more! If you’re interested in learning more about what makes you uniquely human this is the place for you! (Miss Bourne)

Sports Journalism

The NBA, Super Rugby, Big Bash, NRL, the Dream 11 Super Smash are all a huge part of our lives for one reason. Sports media. Whether you are a commentator, a journalist, an editor, or a sports analyst, your voice controls the narrative of sportsmen and women that are our local and national heroes. If you want to explore this world from behind the scenes and see what it is really like to deep dive into your favourite athletes performances in the sports world, and research their stories and personalities, this is the place for you! (Mr Fouhy)

Waiata Mai

Waiata Mai is like the Te Reo/ Pasifika version of GLEE choral singing! We will be learning contemporary songs in Te Reo and other Pacific languages. Singing in unison, in harmonies, some students as soloists and of course, you’ll work on your stage presence. We have a few major performances already booked in Term 3 eg. the Inter-Intermediate Waiata Mai Choral Festival, our school Showcases and assemblies. (Miss Fa’alogo & Mr J)

Whai Whakaaro – Mindfulness

Whai whakaaro is a mindfulness Whakareinga using meditation, breathwork, grounding techniques, yoga etc to help us cope with the stresses of modern day life. A chance to slow down, breathe and reflect. We will also be using Te Ara Whakamana, with a focus on using the dualities of the atua in order to gain a better understanding of ourselves and the world around us in a te ao Māori context. For this we will use art as a medium. This Whakareinga will suit those of us who want to slow down, become more aware of the beauty within ourselves, the environment and our place in the universe. Kia ora and namaste Rāroa! (Paul)

Wonderful World of Sports

Over 15 weeks students will participate in a variety of learning experiences exploring the importance of physical activity and nutrition in developing healthy people and communities. This will see you take on a range of challenges, including developing nutrition and wellbeing plans, learning and teaching sports and games in our community, playing a range of exciting sports and games and critically evaluating their purpose and role. (Mr Porteous)