Student Life & Learning

Whakareinga/Enrichments Opportunities

Connecting students across a variety of experiences (Whanaungatanga) during their pre-adolescent and adolescent years is essential for their overall development and growth. The Whakareinga programme provides exposure to things they otherwise wouldn’t experience in the standard curriculum. Students get the opportunity to apply the skills and mindsets they’ve developed in other parts of school to something novel. This is a chance to form new hobbies, interests and passions!

Enrichment Classes Round 1

Students will be choosing their whakareinga from Monday 12 June to Friday 16 June 2023.

Descriptions of the Whakareinga for Term 3 are listed below.

Students can fill in the form below from Monday 12 June. They have until Friday 16 June 2023 to do so.

Whakareinga / Enrichments Term 3 2023

Actors Unite

Are you interested in acting or performing? Like the challenge of transforming into different characters? Whether you’re all about learning a script to perform in a short play, or making up comedy on the spot like Rāroa’s very own Instalaughs, this is where you’ll gain the skills you need to get the audience in the palm of your hand! (Mrs LP & Mr Gillies)


Aerobics is a HUGE part of the Rāroa journey for many.  You will work in groups and learn a range of aerobics techniques and movement to choreograph your own routine. If you decide to take this further, there are regional and national competitions in which you can enter.  If you want to be in the Regional Competition you have to choose this Whakareinga. Previous aerobics students welcome – new welcome also. Previous dance experience essential. (Miss Smalley & Mrs Temple)

Agents of Kindness

Do you have a kind heart and a desire to give back to our community? Spend your Whakareinga afternoons volunteering at Melvina Major, making cards and crafts to show appreciation for others and getting stuck in with a range of activities that’ll be sure to make people smile. “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” – Mahatma Gandhi (Miss Edge)

Animal Art

Do you like animals? Do you like art? In this whakareinga we are going to use animals as the inspiration to create some different artworks. We will also use a variety of media and materials. (Whaea Bridget)

Architectural Design

Have you got a flair for architectural design? Would you like to design and construct a model of your dream house? In this enrichment, you will learn about architectural design, computer-aided design, and how to construct your models using the laser cutter and 3D printers to make high-quality products. Be prepared to be focused and work hard. We are aiming high for this one!!! (Mr. Bailey)

Basketball Academy

If you want to add another level of detail to your game then this is your chance. We will be using AI to track shot charts, analyse your game with film and make improvements accordingly. This is for basketballers of any level. You will need to have a growth mindset and be keen to work hard to improve. (Mr Boekhorst)

Chess Champions

Participate in a fun and exciting league where we will challenge ourselves with puzzles, improve our understanding of openings and end games, as well as analyse our games. But most importantly, we’ll play the electrifying game of CHESS. (Mr J)

Creating the Wellington Icon

Paeroa has the L&P bottle, Cromwell has the fruit, Ohakune the carrot, Tuatapere the sausage. What does Wellington have? Come and create the icon for the coolest little capital in the southern hemisphere. (Mr Price)

Design a Comic Book

Do you enjoy comics? Do you like stories that have more illustrations than text? Come and develop skills in illustration and story writing in a fun positive environment. (Miss Allan)


Get inspired with us to learn how to create hand made totally unique pieces for you or as gifts for your friends and family. We will have a range of options for you to try e.g.knitting, cross stitch, sewing, crocheting and macramé. It will be hands-on and lots of fun! (Whaea Harriet & Mrs Collins)

Exploring AI

Do you want to go on a journey to understand using AI and chatbots inside and outside the classroom? We will explore this game-changing technology and learn how to harness it so that it supports our learning journey. Artificial Intelligence is no longer limited to science-fiction movies or shows. It is all around. (Mr Morris)

Exploring Popular Music

Exploring Popular Music is a magical mystery tour of the music that has made the world tick for the last 50+ years. This is a celebration of music! In this course you will learn all about the bands and artists that have influenced the music that you know and love! If you are a music appreciator then this should definitely be for you! It will help you connect with the music that drives you and you will learn about history along the way! (Mr. Martin)

Exploring the Middle East

ٱلسَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ As-salamu alaykum

Do you want to learn more about the Middle East from its language, art and cuisine? Then this is the Whakareinga for you! Let’s go on a journey together and expand our knowledge about the region! (Miss R)

Hip Hop Dancing

Have you heard of the Jabbawockeez, Royal Family or Les Twins and are you someone who loves to move and groove? Then this is the Whakareinga for you. We will be learning creative dances to perform in front of peers and whānau. It will be hip and happening. (Mr Berthelsen)

Netball Umpiring

If you watch Pulse games and wonder how umpires control such tight matches, this could be your starting place. Join us to learn the basic techniques and rules of umpiring. This could be the start of a real passion for you. You will need a whistle but Ms. H will talk to you about this so don’t buy one before we start. (Kelly Herbert)


A popular practice that has left a particularly extensive paper trail across the globe is origami, the art of paper folding. Come join me on a journey of discovery of this ancient Japanese pastime. (Mr. Wright)

Pick a Path Story Writing

Oh my goodness! It’s pitch black and I’m trapped inside my classroom. How did I get here? The door’s locked. Should I smash a window or wait to be rescued?

Have you ever wanted to create an adventure where you pick your own destiny? This is the Whakareinga option for you. In this rōpū you will create your own pick a path story and make an illustration to go with it. Come and join in the fun! (Mr Cope)

Point and Shoot

I enjoy taking photos of most things and finding the best shot. In this series of classes we will be doing photography and the techniques to help improve your shot, and creative eye. Come along and have a go. It’s a great way to show artistry and creativity. (Mr Hawea)

RPG Experience

Over the course of this 10-week enrichment experience the world of Role-Playing Games! We will explore different game systems like Dungeons and Dragons, Powered By The Apocalypse, and more. Come along to put your GM skills to the test, or come along because you want to be part of a collaborative storytelling experience! (No prior experience needed)  (CJ)

Settlers of Catan

Have you played one of the greatest board games of all time? In the Settlers of Catan Whakareinga you will design a game board, learn to play and most importantly play the game itself. We will also explore the digital version of the game and the benefits and differences this version has created. Get prepared for a heap of fun! (Matua Tadhg)

Spanish 101

Hola a todo! Have you ever heard a conversation in another language and thought to yourself, “Wow! I want to learn that!”? Here’s your opportunity! Join us in Spanish101 where we will learn Spanish for beginners and discover a snapshot into Spanish culture. (Mr Anderson)

The Great Escape

Do you have a trick or two up your sleeve? Or are you ready to WOOOOOW an audience? This Whakareinga will allow you to share some magic tricks, learn some new ones and polish them to share with a live audience in our school assemblies. We will look at some card tricks, optical illusions and science based phenomena. Come and join us! (Miss McKenzie & Mrs Howie-Price)


Toiere in Te Reo means to sing. Come along and have some fun singing contemporary music in Te Reo! Artists covered will be Bene, Bob Marley, Earth Wind and Fire and others. While you’re at it you’ll get to improve your knowledge and pronunciation of Te Reo. Ka mau te wehi!/ Awesome! (Miss Fa’alogo)

Traditional Māori Games: ngā tākaro

Do you like sport? Playing games? Strategy? Being part of a team? Finding out about the history of games? Then this option is for you. We will learn about Māori games like Tapu ae, Ki o rahi, Matarik, Taupunipuni and i te timatanga. Ka pai, tu meke e hoa! (Paul)

101 Cooking Skills

Many people do not get the opportunity to cook at home, come and learn the basis of cooking, starting simple and developing further.  We will be looking at understanding the instructions and following them for accuracy. (Mrs Dowman)