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TERM 3 Enrichment Classes Round 2

Students will be choosing their whakareinga from Thursday 18 August to Tuesday 23 August 2022.

Descriptions of the Whakareinga for Term 3 are listed below.

Here is the form for students to fill in. It will open on Thursday 18 August.

Aerobics Elite

We want to take you through more complex choreography and routines with a pathway to performing at the Term 4 Performing Arts Showcase. Ideally this will be your second year doing aerobics and you will understand the basic structure of a routine and be able to hit all of the jacks, push ups and kicks with ease!! (Mrs Hapeta)

And . . . Scene!

If you love being dramatic, putting on a show or think you’re the next Jennifer Lawrence or Brad Pitt, come and join And…Scene! We will be playing drama games, learning about different drama conventions and putting on short scripted scenes!  A great way to enhance your confidence and get involved with the theatre process. (Miss Mollison)

Do you like animals? Do you like art? In this whakareinga we are going to use animals as the inspiration to create some different artworks. We will also use a variety of media and materials. (Whaea Bridget)

Animating Media

Start your animation journey and find a style that best suits you! Each week we will explore an animation technique and build our skills before we apply them to a final project. We will be using Procreate on the school ipads, so bring in your Stylus if you have one! (CJ)

Architectural Design

Have you got a flair for architectural design? Would you like to design and construct a model of your dream house? In this enrichment, you will learn about architectural design, computer-aided design, and how to construct your models using the laser cutter and 3D printers to make high-quality products. Be prepared to be focused and work hard. We are aiming high for this one!!! (Mr. Bailey)

Basketball Academy

Do you want to improve in your favourite sport of Basketball? Well come give it a go – all skill levels welcome. We will look at what is required to become the best you can be, work on your game through skills and drills, and play mini games and tournaments. (Mr Mansfield & Mr Boekhorst)

Becoming Coaches

If you like sports and want to develop your coaching ability then this is the enrichment for you. Here, you will target a chosen sport and develop a programme to coach others. We will be heading to Titahi Bay school to help coach younger students.  (Mr Berthelsen & Mr Morris)

Book Nerds United

Are you…..Passionate about Potter? Krazy about Katniss? Wild about Walliams?

If you are in need of a space to celebrate and talk about the books you love, then this is the Whakareinga for you. There will be opportunities to get creative and hands on recreating scenes from books you adore, reviewing books, and digging deep into the minds of your favourite characters. (Mrs Temple)

Breakfast Club

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – you have just broken your fast. Come and learn the why, the how and the what about breakfasts. You will learn about nutrition, plan and make some breakfasts and experience using different ingredients and equipment. (Mrs Dowman)

Come Learn to Swim with Mr Mac

Want to build your water confidence and grow into a safe and confident swimmer? These sessions are for you. We will head down to Keith Spry Pool to enjoy some fun lessons and games in the water.  This will need to be subsidized, so there will be a cost involved. $20 – $40. (Mr Mac)

Dance Through the Decades

Do you have dancing feet? A creative streak and a love of a d-floor? Then this is the whakareinga for you! This time round we will be looking at dance styles through the eras. Think charleston, rock ‘n’ roll, moonwalks, or breakdancing… We will start off finding out a little more about the different styles and then launch into creating our own short dance routines! (Mrs. Howie-Price & Miss Westlake)

Exploring Popular Music

Exploring Popular Music is a magical mystery tour of the music that has made the world tick for the last 50+ years. This is a celebration of music! In this course you will learn all about the bands and artists that have influenced the music that you know and love! If you are a music appreciator then this should definitely be for you! It will help you connect with the music that drives you and you will learn about history along the way! (Mr. Martin)

French for Beginners

Bonjour mes amis! Do you want to know more than just ‘hello’ in French? Do you hope to travel the world one day and be able to have a conversation in another language? French for Beginners is the whakareinga for you! (Miss Allan)

German for Beginners

Learning a new language can activate parts of your brain you never knew you had! Get a head start into exploring new languages with German. Learn to count, introduce yourself and converse with a friend and enjoy one of the world’s most fascinating languages. (Miss McKenzie)

Improv Drama

What do Key & Peele, Jimmy Fallon, Amy Poehler, Kate McKinnon, and countless other amazing comedy actors have in common? They all got their start doing improv! Come and learn the art of improvised comedy by playing theatresports games. Learn to think on your feet, create characters and build scenes without the safety net of a script. (Mrs. L-P)

Māori Sports and Games

You will have a rare opportunity to learn and play a range of exciting sports and games that are heaps of fun and unique to Aotearoa. (Mr. Porteous & Mr. Steele)

Netball Umpiring

If you watch Pulse games and wonder how umpires control such tight matches, this could be your starting place. Join us to learn the basic techniques and rules of umpiring. This could be the start of a real passion for you. You will need a whistle but Ms. H will talk to you about this so don’t buy one before we start. (Kelly)


A popular practice that has left a particularly extensive paper trail across the globe is origami, the art of paper folding. Come join me on a journey of discovery of this ancient Japanese pastime. (Mr. Wright)

Point and Shoot

I enjoy taking photos of most things and finding the best shot. In this series of classes we will be doing photography and the techniques to help improve your shot, and creative eye. Come along and have a go. It’s a great way to show artistry and creativity. (Mr. Hawea)

Rāroa Glee

Do you love to sing, perform your heart out and want to get out of your comfort zone, away from the standard choir? This will be Rāroa Glee’s fourth year performing and enjoying the process of learning songs and adding choreography to contemporary music. Working towards the Performing Arts Showcase in Term 4, this is the time to get out of the shower, and onto the stage! (Miss Carroll)

Sewing/crafting for beginners!

Do you want to learn how to make a scrunchie? How to fix your favourite top? Or make something uniquely yours? This whakareinga will have lots of opportunities for you to explore your creativity and learn about the art of sewing, knitting, cross stitch and macrame. (Mrs Collins & Whaea Harriet)


Stomp is high energy-drumming using a variety of everyday percussion items including: paint pots, rubbish bins, chairs and anything which can provide a beat to create a performance which not only sounds amazing, but is also visually exciting. (Matua Tadhg)

Student Librarians

Do you want to be a student librarian? Love spending time in the library. Happy to sort books and keep the library in perfect working order? Like doing anything related to books and reading. Come and be trained to be part of the school library team.  (Ms Forrest & Mrs Dobie)

Technology Challenges

How good is your engineering knowledge? Consider yourself a master of Architecture? Come test out your skills in a number of building related tasks as we try to defy physics. (Mr Price)


Toiere in Te Reo means to sing. Come along and have some fun singing contemporary music in Te Reo! Artists covered will be Bene, Bob Marley, Earth Wind and Fire and others. While you’re at it you’ll get to improve your knowledge and pronunciation of Te Reo. Ka mau te wehi!/ Awesome! (Miss Fa’alogo)


Always wanted to learn a new instrument but never got around to it? Or already know how to play the ukulele and want to come practise some new songs? Ukulele could be the perfect place for you! Come and learn how to play the ukulele and chords to different songs. You can bring your own ukulele or we will have some for you to use. More than welcome to join again if you were part of ukulele for beginners in Whakareinga round 1 too! (Miss Mark)