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Vision: “ Use IT to enhance teaching and learning opportunities and prepare students for their future today. “

As part of its commitment to enhancing student learning, Rāroa is committed to the provision and use of appropriate learning technologies in all classes. To ensure the safety of students the school has a “User Agreement” to promote positive digital citizenship interactions around the use of IT. Please complete and return this when you receive it.

Rāroa Normal Intermediate is a Google apps school. We do have some Apple products that help enhance classroom and DPE programmes.


Rāroa Normal Intermediate is an optional BYOD School (Bring your own device).

School-wide WIFI access is free to students through their school log-on. The advantages for students bringing their own devices are many and varied. A student-owned internet-capable device can provide valuable learning

We recognise that students are only at Rāroa Normal Intermediate for 2 years so parents should also take into account any requirements that secondary schools may have if buying a brand new device. BYOD devices such as Chromebook and laptops are highly encouraged as they cater to a wider range of learning opportunities. The use of these devices can be monitored closely and utilise the school’s filtering controls.

BYOD Devices for use at Rāroa Normal Intermediate should have:

  • A screen greater than 10”
  • Be Wi-Fi capable
  • A working battery with a rated 6 hour use
  • A keyboard (can be portable/Bluetooth)
  • Up to date operating system and antivirus software
  • Must be able to run Google Chrome

Information on devices

What to buy

Chromebooks – Good value for money and accesses all apps we used at Rāroa. Always connected to the internet.

Windows 10 Laptop – Versatile and easily available. Generally more expensive than a Chromebook. Can be used offline with installed applications.

Apple MacBook – More expensive with a longer device life with OS upgrades.

iPads/Android Tablets – Limited to onscreen keyboard, unless purchased with a Bluetooth keyboard. Not always compatible with all our school apps. iPads are generally quite expensive compared to Android tablets.

Purchasing a device

Devices can be purchased through Rāroa’s Norrcom purchasing portal – Norrcom is our IT supplier. All devices that are purchased are delivered to the school, meet our specifications, and are very competitively priced

Use of mobile phones at school

Cell phones (Smartphones) can be useful as a secondary device, for on-the-spot learning or recording of learning. There is a higher risk of misuse, as the cellular network can be used to bypass the firewalls and content filters that Rāroa Normal Intermediate has set up. We recommend parents set up their own content filters for their child’s phone when on a cellular network.

Break and Lunchtime restrictions

Teachers will be requesting that students put their phones away at break time. We provide lockable storage which students can utilise or where necessary teachers will instruct students to lock them away.

During class time

Phones can be a powerful learning tool that can provide access to learning tools. Teachers will, however, restrict mobile use during class time, giving students access to their phones only when required for learning purposes,  as stated in the student user agreement.

Table of Colleges

Below is a table of colleges that most of our students attend after leaving Rāroa along with what their recommendations are.

If looked after properly, devices such as Laptops and Chromebooks will last 3-4 years.

School Recommended Device Considerations
Onslow College Laptop (not a Chromebook) Microsoft 365 school
Wellington Girls College Chromebook, Laptops Google apps school
Wellington College Chromebook (Year 9/10); Laptops from Year 10 onwards Google apps school
Newlands College Netbook, laptop, Ultrabook or Chromebook. Google apps school