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Our Behaviour Philosophy

Our Behavior Philosophy is linked to how students effectively learn.

Research suggests that the adolescent years are a time of significant brain development, second only to the first three years of life. So it is important that we support students in an environment that caters for them at this stage in their life and in response to the current research trends.

Taking this into consideration, Rāroa Normal Intermediate behaviour management is based around the following:

  • The philosophy:

    If the behaviour is learnt, then it is a skill that needs to be taught.

  • The outcome:

    In our decisions and actions, we will strive to develop the dispositions to ASPIRE across our community.

To achieve this a set of principles were created to fit under this philosophy. The principles provide a framework to not only address behavioural issues but, create an environment where students can develop behaviours which are lifelong and apply to all area of life. These principles were developed through community consultation

We will ensure everyone is valued, respected and cared about.

  • Relationships are fostered, formed and strengthened
  • Recognise everyone as an individual.
  • We will interact with unconditional positive regard.
  • Greater access to diverse range of people (teina/tuakana relationships)

True behaviour change takes time.

  • We will consistently model behaviours we want to see
  • Acknowledge and praise ASPIRE values
  • Use the ‘ignore, use words and seek help’ strategies as appropriate

We will ensure equitable opportunity, support and delivery.

  • Support will be based upon individual needs
  • Needs, and therefore support, may change over time
  • Identify and develop individual strengths

We recognise that learning begins with self-regulation.

  • Develop and strengthen strategies (individual or group) to draw upon when in distress.
  • Provide opportunities for students to be put in the zone and bring them out in order to practice self -regulation.
  • Provide timely, effective systems to calm down when required.