Student Life & Learning

The Arts

At Rāroa we provide students with opportunities to explore and participate in both visual and performing arts (music, drama, dance). Students spend time at both Visual Art and Performing Arts during the course of the year working with a range of materials and resources to develop such skills as designing, creating and producing.

Visual Arts

The visual arts programme is integrated into the Design Production Education programme. Teachers also give students visual arts opportunities in classroom programmes. Raroa Intermediate is lucky to have a specialist arts teacher and visual arts room.

Performing Arts

Performing Arts at Rāroa is exciting and is one of five rooms of the Design Production Education programme. It is where students explore and learn using the three disciplines: drama, music and dance. The focus is on innovative learning and integrating digital technology in the composition of music, film and dance. Core basic skills in each discipline are offered and students are encouraged to participate in applying these skills in a range of settings.

Performing Arts Showcase

Every year Rāroa produces a ‘Showcase’ that brings together the many opportunities on offer at Rāroa in an event that features the talents of students. It involves dance, drama and music: costuming, set design, choreography, lighting and film.  All of the above components are put together by a talented team of staff and students.

Rock / Stage band / Orchestra

Every year Rāroa forms a Rock or Stage band/ ensemble and School Orchestra. These groups perform at assemblies, school events, and community events receiving great student support.

Performing Arts Enrichment

Weekly enrichment classes cater for all areas of Performing Arts. Classes, (depending on odd or even years), can include options such as production, creative dance, drama, rock band, music academy, prop design, and choir.

Te Rangatahi

Rāroa’s Kapa Haka group Te Rangatahi is offered to students in addition to our weekly programme.

Talent Quest

An annual Talent Quest is held in the latter part of the year and is another opportunity for students to perform.