Community Education Evening
On the 14th of May we will hold a Community Education Evening.  We will be taking our community through our school wide initiatives around digital technology and the changes being made in Design and Production Education.  Both portions will be hands on.  You will leave with a greater understanding of what is happening at school and a really simple way of being part of your young persons learning when and where you like.

IT Tips for Families:  

How do I create my own Google / Gmail account?

Please click on this link and follow the instructions to create a google / Gmail account:

Where did that helpful IT tip disappear to?

All our helpful IT tips can be found on our website under ICT HELP at the top of the page.


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Raroa Normal Intermediate School has achieved a unique place for itself since its establishment in 1971.
Exemplary of the best in practice in the educating of emerging adolescents, its specialist focus provides not only a window on excellence in Year 7-8 education but a smorgasbord of exciting opportunities appropriate to the Middle Years.
Set in the centre of the Northern suburbs of Wellington, Raroa, as an intermediate school, provides challenging experiences for Middle Years students aged 10-13. Raroa is a decile 10 school with a roll of over 600 students.
As a Normal School, Raroa also provides exemplary practice for training teachers from Victoria University College of Education.

Opening Hours

  8.45am - 2.50pm

   Interval: 10.25am - 10.45am

   Lunch: 12.10pm - 1.10pm


Raroa Normal Intermediate