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Chocolate money now overdue
Please return any chocolate money or unsold chocolate to school now. If you want to pay online the account details are 123223 0077420 00 (NB this is the Home & School account, please do not use the BOT account). Please ensure your child’s name and 'chocolate' appears on our bank statement.

Cross Country pictures here


Pink Shirt Day   Speak up. Stand together. Stop Bullying.




Elvis was in the house and the school sang "Blue Suede Shoes" with him


Photos by Sian Burling-Claridge

Students from Rooms 20 and 13 created a field of remembrance - there are 30 white crosses with the names of fallen soldiers from WW1 on and a plaque detailing what it's about. Schools all around New Zealand are making these fields with the total number of crosses representing all the NZers who died in WW1. (Keep an eye out - some of these schools will be featured in the news.) The field is out near the rugby field and has a 'fence' around it. Please show respect by staying on the outside of the fence. One of our crosses represents an All Black captain Dave Gallaher and others represent people who lived in this area.

The Last Post performed by James.

Some Year 8's may remember the Lit Quiz that was held in the library at the end of last year to raise money for World Vision in Rwanda. Well, over the summer break I had the privilege of traveling to Rwanda and seeing just where that money you raised went! World Vision run book clubs for children in the communities they support. These clubs run on the weekends and are aimed at developing students literacy skills. (Kind of like a homework club). We fundraised enough money to by 1 book bank which (as you will see in the video) means a community can have the resources (teachers included) to run their very own book club. The one I visited was for children aged 5-8, but as you can see their little brothers and sisters were keen to come too!

Thank you for your support. Thanks to you these kids have a better chance at succeeding in school! I hope you enjoy seeing how a little bit of our money can go a long way!
Miss O'Malley :)

P.S In the video it says 10 book banks (1 of these was from you, the other 9 were from my friends fundraising through her music).


Raroa wins the Mean Green House Competition
        Check out the results here.

Genesis Energy Mean Green House Competition.
Over the last two terms, 9 students from Room 20, in conjunction with DPE, have been working hard to enter  three houses into the Genesis Energy Mean Green Sustainable House Competition. 

This is a nationwide competition to design, research, construct and present a state of the art sustainable house.

This year we entered three houses in the Year 7 & 8 section.

As part of of this competition the students had to create a 5 min presentation.

Trapezium Green Entry One

         Link to Entry Two

         Link to Entry Three

Raroa Normal Intermediate